Friday, August 15, 2014


I need to drive some traffic to this dang blog, so I'm resorting to cheap tricks. 

No, not Cheap Trick, although I am now listening to "Southern Girls" on YouTube.  Holy shit, what a fucking great song.  Cheap Trick was the first band I ever saw live... Fuck yeah!  Smoking' weed on the floor of the Boston Garden in 1984, they did the "Live at Budokan Album" from beginning to end, and it was Bun E. Carlos' birthday, so they did this really cool thing, where two more drummers, wearing Bun E. masks came out of the stage floor on risers...  and then, like, 100 more people walked on stage wearing Bun E. masks.  Yeah, man...  good times...    but that's not what I'm writing about...  Sorry.

What I thought I might do to drive traffic to my blog is to give stuff away. 

I have an extra ticket to The Asheville Wine and Food Festival courtesy of Food Life Magazine and I want to give it to a reader.

All you have to do is "follow" this blog.  Then I will take all of the names of the people who followed m, and I will randomly select a winner.

The expo starts next Thursday, August 21st, so I'll pick a winner and make my announcement by next Wednesday for sure.

Okay, that's that.  Staaarrrt followin'.


  1. following by email. I find that contest do help to bring traffic. that and frequent posts and linking yup to the post all over social media.
    Pinterest is the big driver right now.
    you could pin all your food photos

    1. You will get a lot more comments if you remove word verification.