Friday, August 22, 2014


Tonight is "Sweet," The 2nd of 3 events Hosted in Asheville by the Asheville Wine & Food Festival!

Dawn and I are attending courtesy of Ashvegas and AWF&F , thanks again, Jason and Melissa!

I'm gonna try to take better pictures than I did at Elixir, that I'll post here, as well as on Facebook.

I'm stoked about this event!  Karen Donatelli Cake Designs will be there, along with City Bakery, Well Bred, True Confections and some of my other favorites!  Plus, I wanna try the one's I've never had, and I'm soops curious about the vegan and gluten free stuff.

Not because I'm vegan or celiacky, but because I'm always interested in seeing what creative people can do within limitations.

This event is at the Grove Arcade (one of my fave buildings in town!) and I heard there might be as many as 800 people attending!  Ack.  That's a lot of people. 

I'm way more fond of sweets than I am of crowds. 

I might have a freak out.

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  1. better Grove arcade than the Civic Center. That place was downright uncomfortable ! thx again for the tix.