Thursday, August 14, 2014

This is the first post on my new blog.

It's my Food Critic logo, with the Mountain Xpress "Best of WNC" graphics added. 

I created it because I recently won 3rd place in the "Social Media Personality" category of the Mountain X reader's poll. 

I'm not sure why blogger made it about 10% darker than it really is.  It's supposed to have a white background. 

Does anyone know why that would happen?  I'm clueless about Blogger.  Will it make all my pictures 10% darker when I upload them?

That seems weird.

Anyhoodles, here's the link to the best of page on MX:

Thank you for voting for me, Asheville!


  1. Welcome to blog land. Relax and enjoy it. Ha ha. I know that's not your style.
    Without looking at the HTML I don't know exactly why that photo came out with a darker background. If it was a JPEG try saving it as A ping they have higher resolution or we could have something to do with the template that you chose.

  2. Try following the instructions from this link:

  3. I have no idea why my comment is justified as so.