Friday, October 17, 2014


Cooked at home by the so-called Food Critic, Stu Helm, this was not his best effort at lunch.  The burger, though made from high quality meat courtesy of Brandyapple Farms by way of the French Broad Food Coop, was over-cooked, and too small for the tostada shell it sat on.

The flavor was good  --  spicy, smokey, beefy, sour creamy  --  but I craved some form of sweetness (Damn you, Dixie!  You've made me horny for sweets at all times!) and it would have been way better had some fresh chopped cilantro, or fresh tomato salsa been added.  What?  You couldn't even throw some fucking lettuce on there, Stu?  Awesome.  In the chef's defense, there were none of those things available in the house.

Like all toaster oven burgers, this one was juicy, and like I said, the basic flavor was good, so I ate every bite.  I even used my finger to swipe up the last sour-creamy goodnesses from the plate.

The tostada shell was crispy and corny, like a tostada shell should be, and heated over an open flame, so it had a wonderful semi-burnt quality that I really love.

I'd say this was a 5 star burger, with 2 star execution, so I'll give it 3 stars over all.

A slice of grilled pineapple would have been good.  Really good.  Next time!

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  1. glad to see you added some color to the blog!