Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sometimes I even cook at home...  And since I don't have kids, I eat steak!  Yeah, man, good ol' steak 'n' taters, with a side of broccoli.  I love it, and I've got a special method of doing this meal that is easy-peasy, though slightly dangerous as fuck, so y'know,  don't follow these instructions! Unless you're as stupid as I am...

FIRST: You will need:

1) A potato
2) A piece of steak
3) Frozen Broccoli Florets
3) Salt
4) Pepper
5) Olive Oil
6) Butter

Here are 3 of the ingredients you will need.
FYI:  My best friend in this whole world is a toaster oven.  I love it, it loves me.  Like Dr. Who, every once in a while it dies, and is reborn, looking different, more modern, and more powerful than ever, but remaining my bestie.

TIP: Salt and pepper your steak while it's still raw, and leave it out for a bit, so that it warms to room temperature.

NEXT: You will need to...

1) Cover your toaster oven tray in tin-foil...
2) Then pour a thin layer of olive oil on it
3) Chop-up your tater into reasonable sized pieces
4) Spread 'em out on the tray
5) Add salt and pepper


SO: You will need to figure yours out for yourself.  I set mine on "toast" for ten minutes, then flip all the taters and toast them again for ten more minutes.  I know that my taters are going to take 20 minutes every time, so I time everything else accordingly.  Knowmsayin'?  You figure your toaster over / potato sitch out, and you'll have a time frame to work with.

Red skin potatoes work particularly well with the toaster oven method.

1) Put about 1/8 inch of water into the bottom of a small sauce pan
2) Put in some frozen broccoli florets
3) Place a decent-sized pad of butter on top of the florets
4) Cover
5) Place on medium-to-low flame

My friend Joe the vegan told me "Stu, it's ok to eat frozen vegetables," so I do.

Place four pads of butter (or more) into a medium sized frying pan

More butter = more better.

Get all your muhfuckin' burners goin', Yo!

• Borocolli covered on low
• Frying pan of butter on medium
• Open burner on high

Danger. It's what's for dinner.



Sizzle the shizzle outta that betch.
By the time you transfer the meat into the pan, your butter should already be hotter than fuck.  For a thick steak like the one pictured, I'll sear each side for three mins, and then turn the heat way down and cook each side for another 7 minutes.

Be sure to turn your oven fan on or your fire alarms are likely to go off!  True story...ies.

• Your taters are crispy on the outside and thoroughly cooked inside.
• Your broccoli is hot, and soft, but not mushy
• Your steak is seared to perfection on the outside, and pink-to-red on the inside, depending on how you like it.

TIP:  Be sure to let your steak sit for a minute or two before you cut into it.  That will help it stay juicy while you eat it, and also help the flavor settle down a bit as it cools slightly.

Even at home, I try to make things look nice when I have time.  Other times, I eat straight out of the pans.

• I added a little shredded cheddar cheese to the broccoli and...

• I made my own steak sauce out of organic catchup and balsamic vinegar

That shit was fuckin' goood, Yo!
### END ###

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  1. I hope it won't ruin your appetite if I tell you I've done the same with tempeh and tofu, pepper, and lots of toast. I used to have a "toaster" that sat on top of the burner to hold the toast and we put all kinds of food on it to toast/grill