Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I have a spy in the system.  The Sysco system.

My spy works in a major institutional kitchen that uses Sysco stuff almost exclusively.

My spy has one mission:  Take pictures of nasty shit and send them to me.

These are the latest...

Shredded carrot mush bag.

These leeks look leaky.

If life gives you lemons...  and they look like this...  throw them the fuck away.
I know that food rots, and Sysco deals with a lot of food, so of course some of it is going to rot, but still...  it's fun to see, and make fun of it.

Thanks, Sysco Spy!  Keep sticking it to the system!

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  1. TYG I live in a Sysco free zone. I saw lots worse from Sysco and US Foods when I worked in food service